We are a Jewelry Manufacturing Company from India. We are specialized in Silver Jewelry and Gemstones. We have ready stock of Silver Jewelry and all kinds of precious and Semi-Precious Stones, while we also take orders for customized jewelry and gemstone.

Why Us?

• We have been manufacturing Jewelry since 1993.
• You can be Assured of Purity of the Precious Metals.
• We make Jewelry based on International Standards and Quality Check Each and Every Piece.
• We Use only Natural Gem Stones in our Jewelry, except when ordered otherwise by the Customer.
• Each Piece of Jewelry is stamped with the Purity of the Metal; for e.g.Silver Jewelry is Stamped with “925” mark which Signifies that the Jewelry is Sterling Silver which is 92.5% Pure Silver according to International Standards.
• We’ll deliver your order fast and on time.

About Our Company

We are a company based in Jaipur (India). We have been working in this field for 3 generations. And in this time we have served thousands of Happy Customers in and outside of India. And we’re eager and will be really happy to add you on this list. Our journey Started in 1969 when our founder and my grandfather started manufacturing and Polishing Gem Stones. He formally got this company registered in 1993 with the name “A C RATANS” the same year we started manufacturing Jewelry.We have 51 Years of Experience in Gemstone making and 27 Years in Jewelry Production. We are experts in Handmade Jewelry as well as Making Jewelry with the help of Modern Machines and software. We have Expert Craftsmen working with us that have developed and evolved their craftsmanship according to the modern needs and international Standards, while also maintaining the techniques of Ancient handmade jewelry alive.