Order Delivery

• When you order any product from our website, it takes us 1-2 Business days to Process your order, after which we dispatch your order through our various Logistics partners, which depends on your location.

• When we Ship your Order, You’ll receive an E-mail containing tracking details of your order, by which you can track your Order. You can also check the same by accessing your account on Jewelfort.

• If your Shipping address is in India, then it would take about 2 – 5 Business days for your Order to reach you. however if your shipping address is outside India then your order might take up to 21 Business days to reach you.

• Currently, We are offering Free Delivery if your shipping address is in India, But this is a Limited time offer and might change in the future.

• If your address is outside of India, the we charge a Nominal Amount of $10 for delivery if your total amount of your order is under $100. If your Order value is above $100 then we do not charge any shipping fee.

• For any other query contact us at: contact@jewelfort.com