3 MM Green Onyx Rosary Chain

USD $15.38

Price & Quantity of this Product is Measured in per Meter i.e. if you order 3 Quantity of this Product, You’ll Receive 3 Meter Chain.
This Beautiful Chain is Handmade to Perfection using Rosary Setting. Made of Sterling Silver with 92.5 Purity. This Rosary Green Chain is setted with Onyx and is Perfect for Everyday::Love::Religious::Wedding & Engagement::Workwear as well as it would be a Perfect Gift for your Love, Be it your Mother, Wife, Girlfriend, Sister, etc. Free from Nickel, Lead, Cadmium or any other Harmful elements, as per International Standards, This makes this piece of Jewelry Skin Friendly and can be worn by anyone without worry. Ideal for Valentine, Mothers Day, Birthday, Anniversary and Special Days. Gift for Someone you Love.

USD United States (US) dollar